Международная HR-корпорация "CV & Job" 
Кадровое агентство по трудоустройству 
граждан в Европе и России!
Your job is guaranteed for you with us!

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The International HR-corporation “CV & Job”
Recruitment agency on selecting staff and
employment in Russia and Europe!

Recruiting services and official employmentof Russian
and European citizens: recruiting and selecting staff,
staff consulting, drawing up of the resume, the
letter of recommendation, the covering
letter and the characteristic.

Recruitment agency

Recruitment agency on selecting staff and employment.

Recruitment agency on selecting staff and employment.

We are one of the leading recruitment agency on selecting staff and employment with many years’experience.During this time our company has established itself on the positive side in the field of recruitmentservices in Europe as well as in the CIS countries, including Russia.

Our representatives work all over Europe!

We are represented on the Russian labour market by the department OOO (Limited Liability Company) “Labour Corporation”.

Recruitment and staffing agency, the agency on selecting staff and employment– all these names are the description of the same segment of a market that we provide.The task of our company is professionally selecting staff and employment assistance.

We work with each client individually.We have a large database of candidates.Our specialists regularly analyseand monitor the labor market.Making use of our services, any company would manage to find a required employee and jobseekers would obtain a worthy jobin a short period of time.

Benefits of working with the International HR-corporation “CV & Job”:

  • Successful experience in recruitment in Russia and Europe.
  • We have specialists and a technical base to solve any unusual tasks.
  • We fill more than 150 vacancies every month.
  • Regular quality control and feedback from the Client.
  • Our project groups specialize in deferent business sectors.
  • Our team is HR-specialists with many years’ unique experience.
  • We analyse and monitor the labor market every day.
  • After the first order 99% of our clients continue to use our services and recommend us to new Clients.

The International HR-corporation “CV & Job”in the name of OOO (Limited Liability Company) “Labour Corporation” in Russia offer toeveryone who wants their services:

For employers:

  1. recruiting and selecting staff;
  2. an assistance for dismissed persons;
  3. salary surveys;
  4. staff assessment;
  5. Certificate of Good-Standing;
  6. advising on labour law;
  7. organization andsupport training and
    Special workplace conditions assessment.

For candidates:

  1. drawing up of the resume;
  2. drawing up of the covering letter;
  3. drawingupof reference sheet;
  4. drawing up ofportfolio;
  5. drawing up of the characteristic;
  6. drawingupofthe curriculum vitae;
  7. drawingupof the letter of recommendation;
  8. comprehensive proposal.

Professionals of our corporation are multilingual and perform their work in several European languages. We draw up all necessary documents according to the European standards, doing our clients services on the territory of all Europe.That’s why each our client can be assured that our highly qualified specialists perform their work individually, according to all clients' wishes!

Our specialist will enjoy answering all your questions, too (the e-mail address is specified in contacts).

Working with staff is quite an art and our specialistshave a perfect command of it.

Welcome to our International HR-Corporation "CV & Job "!


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