Международная HR-корпорация "CV & Job" 
Кадровое агентство по трудоустройству 
граждан в Европе и России!
Your job is guaranteed for you with us!

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The International HR-corporation “CV & Job”
Recruitment agency on selecting staff and
employment in Russia and Europe!

Recruiting services and official employmentof Russian
and European citizens: recruiting and selecting staff,
staff consulting, drawing up of the resume, the
letter of recommendation, the covering
letter and the characteristic.



Fill necessary fields of the given form, enter necessarily numbers from a picture in the bottom of the form and send. The specialist of the Company on employment for work of citizens will contact you and render the necessary help at once.

Resume adjust  
Drawing up of the reference list  
Drawing up of the resume (CV)  
Drawing up of the covering letter  
Drawing up of the characteristic  
Drawing up of the curriculum vitae  
Drawing up of a letter of recommendation  
Translation into the European language  
The package «Job»  
The package «Job-SW»  
Packet «VIP»  
The package «Job-Garant»  
Law consultation on labor issues  
The additional information  
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